When a few years ago ecological cosmetics appeared in shops and their popularity kept rising, there were a lot of opinions claiming that it was only temporary. It appears, however, that natural cosmetics fashion has not disappeared and for many of us it has become a part of daily hygiene. What makes natural cosmetics so interesting? Why is it worth using them? 


Because they contain:

1. Safe and skin friendly components.

In my cosmetics I use components which are healthy for skin and this is my priority. It is important because standard cosmetics consist of components which can block skin pores, have negative influence on natural lipid barrier, overdry, cause rash and redness. A lot of them also has an impact on skin functioning distuptions, hormons and are carcinogenic. Harmful components include: parabens SLS, glycols, PEGs, mineral oils. That is why, when you use natural cosmetics you avoid dangerous components which may have a harmful influence not only on your skin but also health.  :-)


2. Smaller risk of irritation and skin allergies.

Natural cosmetics do not contain chemical substances which often have a negative impact on skin irritating natural protective skin barrier, causing rash, redness, itching or sores. Natural cosmetics are skin friendly thanks to sensitive and natural substances. Of course they may irritate since they are full of diiferent plant extracts and essential oils which may lead to allergies. If you are aware, however, which components your skin does not tolerate, you can avoid them easily, because natural cosmetics have simple composition. 


3. Simple composition and formula.

This is another reason to rękach for natural cosmetics. Instead of a long list of components, mere 4-5. And that is enough to make the cosmetic be effective and have a positive impact on skin or hair. Even if there are more components , working out their names should not be a problem . What you find in most of my cosmetics is plant oils, plant extracts, essential oils, proteins, argil and nothing more. 


4. Environment and animal respect. 

Another important aspect in natural beauty products aside from skin safe components is natural environment respect. What does it mean in practice ? Natural cosmetic packaging is produced out of secondary raw materials and are used in recycling. The components used to produce natural cosmetics are acquired in an environmentally friendly way, in natural conditions of their growth without human and machine interference. The crops used to produce natural cosmetics do not contain any chemical substances, the soil is harvested in a natural way without toxic substances which get into groundwaters and their haze is in the air. It is also important that natural cosmetics are animal friendly - they are not tested on animals and in most cases animal origin components are not used to their production. 


5. Universality of use.

Natural cosmetics only in few cases are divided into those for women or only for men. My cosmetics may be used by the whole family. They are perfect for body moisturizing, bathing, soothing irritation. They are ideal for any type of skin, also sensitive . They are perfect for babies and small children. :-)


6. No chemical and toxic substances.

Using natural cosmetics you limit daily use of chemical substances which is quite difficult these days. You find these substances everywhere: food, cleaning supplies, medicine and as I have mentioned above, in cosmetics. Every day your skin is prone to about 515 chemicals. While using natural substances you can limit this amount in a great way. 


7. Effective work.

The active plant substances being basic components of natural cosmetics work effectively and support natural skin processes. Instead of blocking sebaceous gland work , they improve it. Instead of irritating natural protective barrier, they strengthen it. Instead of forming the skin layer blocking moisture, they conjoin water in cells and protect it against evaporation. Natural cosmetics are effective, and although you need to wait some time for the effects, it is worth doing it and it is worth giving your skin a chance to be supported by plant components and function in its natural rhythm. 

Why do you think it is worth using natural cosmetics? 

Why is it worth using natural cosmetics?

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