Aloes contains huge healing properties

Cocoa butter contains antioxidant properties

Jojoba oil is perfect for sensitive

and allergic skin

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Aloes - contains huge healing properties. Because of latge amount of water , it perfectly moisturixes and makes the skin look younger. It increases skin flexibility by larger amounts of collagen and elastin. Also, it soothes and makes the skin softer. It helps deliver the oxygen to cells what leads to skin  durability and  recovery. It also leads to higher blood flow by capillaries widening.


Shea butter - has wide cosmetic properties

  1. It regenerates and nourishes skin and makes minor sores heal faster

  2. It contains vitamins A and E which make the skin look younger and protect the skin against free radicals

  3. It has protection properties, it protects skin against cold and wind
  4. It is hypoallergenic and additionally soothes allergic changes (rash, itching)

  5. 100% safe even for pregnant women and young children


Cocoa butter - antioxidant properties stop aging processes and provide excellent protection against harmful outside factors. They protect skin against toxins which lead to various sores and inflammations. Cocoa butter has also perfect moisturizing properties which act against skin drying. Amazingly rich in fatty acids, cocoa butter is a perfect solution for people with dermatological problems . The antioxidats reduce skin inflammation bringing the sense of relief and soothing . Especially recommended for natural care of dry, damaged and flaky skin. Also, ideal for wrinkled, irritated and atopic skin. Moreover, eczema, psoriasis, dermatosis, minor scratches and after sunbathing. 


Jojoba oil - there are two reasons why this oil has an amazingly wide range of applications. It is perfectly tolerated by two extreme types of skin, dry and oily. Because there are no allergic reactions it is often used for allergic and hypersensitive complexion . This oil is biocompatible with human sebum. It helps regulating sebaceous glands. The disorders of these glands are a base of many skin problems. In case of dry skin ( the amount of sebum is scant) the role of the oil is filling the lack of lipid layer. Thanks to this, skin is moisturized and glossy. In case of skin having a problem with overactive sebaceous glands, it stops sebum and does not make the skin dry. It is soothing and relaxing. 


Castor oil - it soothes , oils and protects skin . Thanks to it, skin is moisturized and its irritation disappears. It makes healing faster.


Avocado oil - it smooths and makes the skin look like silk. High level of vitamin E protects skin against any sorts of inflammation and itching. Skin keeps perfect condition and beautiful look. The antioxidants soothe any kinds of irritation. According to many research, this oil is very effictive in case of dermatological problems and skin diseases such as eczema. Cold-pressed avocado oil keeps skin fresh and clean. As many studies show , this oil has a huge impact on skin aging. 


Mango butter - cold-pressed out of mango fruit stones. It has healing and softening properties. It smooths wrinkles and improves skin flexibility.


Laurel oil - because of a large amount of essential oils rich in active substances such as a-pubem, b-pinen, limonen, linalool and cineol, the laurel oil is well-known of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This oil is a wonderful source of chlorophyll, vitamins and mineral components. 


Coconut oil - it is ideal for dry and desquamating skin as it softens skin. It is a preventive measure against wrinkles, sagging skin and hyperpigmentation. It is absorbed quickly not leaving a layer. It protects against UV rays, soothes skin after sunbathing and it is an effective protection against cold and wind. 


Olive oil - skin becomes smooth, soft and refreshed. The vitamins get deep inside skin making it look healthy and glossy. High dose of vitamin F protects skin against losing moisture. It is a rich source of antioxidants which provide vitality, protection and young look. Thanks to antiradical properties , it is a natural source of UV filter. Olive is soothing , strengthens natural skin resistance, eliminates roughness. For centuries it has been used in treating inflammation also occuring in the body, connected with gastrointestinal system and skin as well. Paradoxically, it also soothes acne. 


Argan oil - Thanks to special composition of fatty acids , it stimulates intracellular oxidation process and restores appropriate hydrolipid protection and moisturizes skin. This anti-wrinkle action is strengthened by high vitamin E content which moisturizes and is one of the most powerful natural antioxidant fighting with free radicals . Besides, vitamin E protects cell membranes against lipid oxidation and at the same time słowa down the skin aging process. It consists of over 90% of unsaturated fatty acids, mostly oleic and linoleic. It contains almost 100 active substances, including five groups of anticancer compounds.


Tea tree oil - is easily absorbed into skin, it protects against bacterias responsible for acne.

Its properties :

  1. Antiseptic

  2. Disinfecting

  3. Anti- inflammatory

  4. Antiviral

  5. Bactericidal

  6. Fungicidal


Apricot stone oil - it is rich in vitamins E and A and rare B17. It has amazing hydrating properties which make it a great moisturizing component perfect for all types of skin. The oil does not leave the layer. Moreover, it has light consistency, that is why it can be used to all types of skin: combination skin, oily skin, sensitive and dry skin. This oil is rich in GLA - gamma linoleic acid, which helps to keep moisturizing skin balance. This precious acid makes skin look firm . Vitamins E and A are responsible for slowing down the aging signs such as mimic wrinkles, loss of firmness and tarnishing. This oil has anti- inflammatory properties . It can be used to treat skin and it soothes different unpleasant conditions like drawn skin or hypersensitivity. It has antioxidant properties fighting against free radicals .


Almond oil - it prevents from skin cell dehydrating that is why it perfectly moisturizes it. It additionally nourishes, softens and regenerates skin and makes it look glossy, refreshed and healthy. Almod oil protects against sun, wind and cold. It strengthens hydro- lipid skin coat, it prevents capillaries from breaking. Vitamins A, E, D, B proteins, mineral salts, magnesium, oleic and linoleic acids moisturize skin, make skin look firm and slow down the aging processes. It also protects skin against outside factors . It is recomnended to all types of skin, especially mature, dry and sensitive.


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