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If you have come across my offer, it means that life in accordance with natur eis significant for you as well.

I have been trying to live ecologically for many years. I avoid highly processed and chemical cleaning supplies. I try to produce as little rubbish as possible. I use reusable or biodegradable packagings. I believe it is crucial so that our children could live on the healthy planet. As far as it is possible I avoid products from plastic.

The next stage of my lifestyle was creating natural cosmetics.
Simple, often only two-component masks, made out of things we can find in the kitchen , can work miracles. You can find my recipes on FB.
Unfortunately, in our more and more poisoned world, where even water is " enriched" with chemical chlorine, such simple solutions are not sufficient. My skin needs additional support. Due to that , I have come up with my first cream which has turned out to be a hit. The results are visible after the first use. Of course, before the final version came into being , the cream had undergone long metamorphosis. I had to work on the consistency and the composition. That is why, the product which I offer you is my pride and joy. 
My next cosmetics also undergo a long way of changes, before you can find them in my offer. They must be perfect, natural, safe and work miracles. 

Enjoy them

Green Anna

Natural cosmetics are my passion

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